Active Directory discovery method

By using this method the Autodesk Inventory tool will be using the domain specified to discover and scan the computers that were active in the last 45 days based on Active directory registries.


  • Select the Active Directory option and type in the domain name e.g.
  • If you are logged in to the PC or server where AIT is installed with the admin credentials select windows integrated if that is not the case then select Credentials, enter the proper credentials, the user must be entered in the format "domain\user or user@domain. If you only want to discover computers registered in Active Directory put the checkmark in the checkbox "Discover Computers Only".
  • Click on Start and wait until it shows a message below Scan Log saying "Reload complete/Scan Complete."
  • Once the scan is completed go back to the View tab and click on export this will pop a window to save the output in an excel format.