Deploying with Microsoft System Center (SCCM)

The following describes how to deploy Autodesk Inventory Tool to perform an inventory scan via Microsoft System Center (SCCM).  It covers basic setup for a small environment, further planning may be required for larger multi-site networks.

On a server that is centrally accessible, create a folder to hold AIT and a folder to hold the collected data, for example:

  • C:\AIT\AIT: Folder to hold AIT application files for package creation
  • C:\AIT\AITData: Folder to hold the collected data files

Share the AITData folder and grant the Everyone group Change and Read permissions:

Copy the contents of the AIT folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AIT into C:\AIT\AIT:

There should be exactly 51 files present once the copy is complete.

Using a text editor such as Notepad, edit the AIT.exe.config file within the C:\AIT\AIT folder, and make the following changes.

  • DataStorePath: Set to the UNC path to the shared data folder, making sure there is a trailing ‘\’.
  • PerComputerDataStore:  Set to True, so each device running AIT saves to a separate data store in the DataStorePath.

For example:

      <setting name="DataStorePath" serializeAs="String">



      <setting name="PerComputerDataStore" serializeAs="String">



From a command prompt, run AIT from the AIT application folder with the parameters "/c localhost /fp /lu /rp /sl" to scan the local computer, for example:

C:\ait\ait.exe /c localhost /fp /lu /rp /sl
Click to copy

Confirm that it has run correctly and saved the results within the AITData share.  If no results appear in the share, confirm your permissions are set properly.

Open the Configuration Manager Console and navigate to Software Library>Overview>Application Management>Packages

Click Create Package in the ribbon toolbar or simply right-click in the Packages section and select Create Package:

Provide the following details:

  • Name: Autodesk AIT
  • Description: Performs inventory of Autodesk software
  • Manufacturer: Autodesk
  • Language: English
  • Version: Leave blank

Check the box next to This package contains source files, click Browse, select Local folder on site server, browse to E.G \\ServerName\C\AIT\AIT
, and click OK:

Click Next and leave the default selection of Standard program and click Next

Set or change the following details on the Standard Program page:

  • Name: Autodesk AIT
  • Command line: AIT.exe /c localhost /fp /lu /rp /sl
  • Run: Hidden
  • Program can run: Whether or not a user is logged on

Click Next, leave the default settings on the Requirements page, confirm the settings on the Summary page and click Next, and finally click Close

Locate the Autodesk Inventory Tool package in the Packages view, right-click, and select Distribute Content:

Click Next at the General screen and on the Content Destination screen click the Add drop down and select Distribution Point:

Select any Distribution Points you wish to copy the package to and click OK:

Click Next to confirm your settings and then Close to complete

Locate the Autodesk Inventory Tool package in the Packages view, right-click, and select Deploy:

On the General screen, specify a Collection to deploy Autodesk Inventory Tool  and click Next:

Click Next on both the Content and Deployment Settings page.  On the Scheduling page, click New, select the Assign immediately after this event radio dial, click OK and finally select Never rerun deployed program from the Rerun behavior drop down:

Click Next on User Experience, Distribution Points, and Summary pages.  Finally click Close on the Completion page.

Once all PC's have been inventoried, double-click the AITUI shortcut located on the desktop and import the results from the AITData share using the steps included in the Importing Data Stores section.