Logon / Startup Script Scheduled Task

In cases where there is limited connectivity to the domain it can be advantageous to set up a scheduled task from the GPO to collect the data quicker

Open the Group Policy Management console from Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools

Expand the Domains tree, right-click a domain or OU name, and select Create a GPO in this domain and Link it here...

In the New GPO dialog box, give the GPO a descriptive name, then click OK

Locate the new GPO in the Domains tree (under the domain or OU that you selected above), right-click it, and select Edit

Go to Computer configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Scheduled Task, right click and add New > Scheduled Task

Call the task Autodesk AIT and in the Run field type in the UNC path where the AIT_Network.cmd is located (Example: \\dc01\AIT\AIT\AIT_network.cmd)

If you have not setup the UNC path, follow the steps in Shared Folder Method

Click on the Schedule tab and select Advanced 

Tick End Date and set the amount of days for the scheduled task to run

Tick Repeat Task and set the scheduled task to run every 1 hour through out the working day and press OK.

The Scheduled task is now Created