Importing Data Stores

When using the Logon / Startup Script, USB Drive method, or SCCM modes of operating, or when multiple instances of AIT have been deployed, the data stores created by these can be imported into a central AIT instance, which will consolidate the scan results.

To import the datastore into a AIT instance, from the View workspace, click the Import button:

This will open the Import All Files from Folder dialog, which will enable the user to navigate to where the data store file(s) are located and then click Open:

These can be individual files named per PC, such as from a logon script, or a single data store, DataStore.xml, from a standalone scan via USB memory stick or another instance of ScanWin.

This will instruct AIT to import all data store XML file(s) from the selected folder and will merge the inventory data with the local data store instance.  Once the import is complete, the local data store will be reloaded:

The imported data will then be available in the View workspace:

To export a consolidated report in XLSX format, follow the steps in the Exporting Report section.