Silent Mode

For scan methods that utilize scripts, such as Logon / Startup Script Scan, Logon / Startup Script Scheduled Task, or Logon / Startup Script Scan Setup Azure Environments, you may opt to run the scans in silent mode.

This will prevent the AIT application or any command prompt window from being visible to the end-users. AIT will only appear as a process within Task Manager.


To run the scans in Silent Mode, you may download both AIT_Launcher.vbs and AIT_Run.cmd attached below and place it in the same location as AIT_Network.cmd file.


No changes required


Right-click and select Open With Notepad

Replace "\\path" with the full path where AIT_Launcher.vbs and AIT_Network.cmd is located


If AIT_Launcher.vbs and AIT_Network.cmd is located in \\server01\folder01\AIT, your script will look like below;


Depending on your preferred scan method, use AIT_Run.cmd instead of AIT_Network.cmd


For Logon Script scan method. Select AIT_Run.cmd instead of AIT_Network.cmd at the below step.