Exporting Report

Autodesk Inventory Tool enables the exporting of a standard XLSX-based report that can be opened within Excel or similar application.  The standard export files are described below:


This is a text log file that includes a detailed log of the scan operation in addition to general statistics and information.


This report includes collected license data for Autodesk products along with details of Autodesk products that have been installed and uninstalled on each scanned device, when and by whom.

The Prefix label for the log file will be replaced by the file name entered when exporting the data.


The Export button on the top left-hand side of the View screen provides the facility to export all data in the standard export format (XLSX) to a folder:

Clicking the Export button will display the Windows Save As dialog box.  Navigate to a folder to export the data to, and enter a file name prefix (only the log file will be prefixed with this name), then click Save.  It is recommended that you use your company name:

Once the export is complete, an explorer window will open showing the exported files:

You can now send the AutodeskProducts.xlsx file to Autodesk or its representative.