Data Store Location

Autodesk Inventory Tool uses an in-memory object store for inventoried device data that is persisted to an XML file. The data store is loaded by AIT when run and saved if there have been any changes. There are no special requirements for the data store as it is a text-based XML file that is stored in the file system. Being text based, it can be opened and viewed in any application capable of opening text files, such as Notepad. When running AIT for the first time, a new data store will be created automatically.

The location of the data store will be dependent on the install location of AIT and its configuration within the AIT.exe.config file.

The DataStorePath setting within the AIT.exe.config file defines the location of the data store, of which the default value is Default that tells AIT to use the default location:

      <setting name="DataStorePath" serializeAs="String">



When AIT is running from the Program Files folder, which is the default install location, the data store will be named DataStore.xml and will be located in the following directory:


If AIT is running from a folder not in the Program Files folder, such as from a USB memory stick, then the data store will be named DataStore.xml and located in the same folder that ScanWin.exe is located. This ensures that the data store travels with the application.

Alternatively, the DataStorePath setting within ScanWin.exe.config can define a file path where the DataStore.xml file will be located.  This is only used for network-based scans via logon/startup script or a 3rd party tool such as Microsoft System Center (SCCM).  For example:

      <setting name="DataStorePath" serializeAs="String">



The path should end with a ‘\’ character. This will cause the DataStore.xml file to be in the defined path.

When the PerComputerDataStore setting in the AIT.exe.config file is set to True (the default is False), rather than a single data store file named DataStore.xml, each device running ScanWin will create a data store with the name of the local computer. This is only used for network-based scans via logon/startup script or a 3rd party tool such as Microsoft System Center (SCCM).

      <setting name="PerComputerDataStore" serializeAs="String">



The DataStorePath and PerComputerDataStore settings should only be modified when using the logon/startup script or 3rd party network-based scans such as Microsoft System Center (SCCM).

More details on the AIT.exe.config file can be found in the Configuration File Overview section.