Scheduled Scan - Agentless

The Schedule button in the taskbar on the Scan tab enables the currently configured discovery and scan options to be added as an additional scan in the Scheduler.  The Schedule button becomes enabled when valid discovery and authentication options have been entered. 

To configure and manage the schedule, select the Scheduler tab to open the Scheduler workspace. 

Scheduler Workspace

The Scheduler workspace can be used to configure and manage scheduled scans.  Scheduled scans are performed using the Windows Task Scheduler, which enables scans to run when AIT itself is not running. 

There are five sections within the Scheduler workspace: 

  • Taskbar – includes several buttons for issuing actions 
  • Task Configuration – this is to configure the schedule of when a scan occurs 
  • Output Location – this is to configure the output path for logs and exports 
  • Scans Grid – this lists the scans that have been added to the scheduler 
  • Status Bar –displayed at the bottom this displays the current scheduler status 

 The following shows an example of the Scheduler workspace: 

Scans are added to the scheduler from the Scan tab by clicking the Schedule taskbar item when a valid scan has been configured, added scans can be seen in the grid in the Schedules workspace. 

Once a change has been made such as adding or removing a scheduled scan, changing the schedule or output location, the Save button must be clicked to save the new configuration.  Clicking the Save taskbar item will prompt for user credentials to be used, these are the credentials that the scheduled task will run as, and they default to the currently logged on user: 

Enter valid credentials and click OK to save the configuration and update the generated script and Windows Task Scheduler task.   

The scheduled task will appear within the Windows Task Scheduler with the name Autodesk_AIT: 

Task Configuration

The Task Configuration section can be used to schedule which days the scans are performed, what time they start and how often to repeat on that day. 

(The default is to run during weekdays, start at 10AM and repeat every five hours for a period of 6 hours.  This has the effect of running at 10AM and 3PM Monday-Friday)

The expires on is a date when the Scheduled Task will be disabled, which enables an end date to be specified for the schedule.

The Default taskbar button can be used to reset the schedule to the defaults, and the Revert button will cancel any un-saved changes.

To commit changes to the task configuration, the Save button needs to be used.

Output Location

The Output Location can be used to choose the folder in which log files and exports are written.  Defaulting to the folder where the DataStore is located, it can be changed by directly entering a path or clicking on the folder icon and choosing a folder.

By ticking the checkbox against ‘Export after scan is complete’ option will cause a full export to be performed after a scheduled scan has been completed.

To commit changes to the output location, the Save button needs to be used.

Scans Grid

The scans grid in the center of the Scheduler workspace show all scans that have currently been added to the schedule, showing if it is enabled, the discovery method, the discovery value and the credentials used.

If a scan needs to be temporarily disabled, the ‘Enabled’ checkbox can be unchecked for the specific scan.  There is no direct means to edit a scan, if amendments are required then select the scan and click the Remove Scan button in the task bar to remove it and re-add it in the Scan workspace.

To commit changes to the output location, the Save button needs to be used.


The toolbar contains command buttons that can be used to initiate specific actions.

  • Save – this will save changes and update the Windows Scheduled Task and will prompt for credentials that the task should run as.
  • Revert – this will undo any edits that have been made since the last Save. Enabled when there is an unsaved change.
  • Default – this will reset all settings to their defaults.
  • Remove Scan – this will remove the selected scan from the grid.
  • Run – this will start with Windows scheduled task. Enabled when a scan is not currently running.
  • Stop – this will stop the running Windows scheduled task. Enabled when a scan is currently running.
  • Delete Task – this will delete the scheduled task form the Windows Task Scheduler.  Clicking Save will re-create it. Enabled when the task is created.

Status Bar

The status bar displays the current status of the scheduled task.

The large text on the left shows the main status while the other values detail the time the scan was last run, if the last run completed successfully and when the next scan is due to be run.