Secure Credentials Utility

The Secure Credentials Utility can be given to a network administrator to create the secure credentials on the user’s behalf without needing to distribute the user name or password.  This prevents the credentials being used for any other purpose.  

To generate secure credentials, double-click SecureCredentials.exe, enter the user name and password into the relevant fields and click Encrypt.  The credentials, both user name and password, are then encrypted and the resulting text can be copied to the clipboard to be pasted into the command prompt or into a batch script:

The encrypted credentials can then be used with AIT using the /cred parameter.  For example:

AIT.exe /computer ACMEPC01 /cred EAAAAMLOSBolx6581HoLbgsHziput/7L0F+Yn72hEVkDqD1/1xUlMp2iE8s5eWq1nkOG3hF83i8meCH6H+VZ9CJLZuA= /fp /lu /rp /sl
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You can download the utility from the Download section.