Autodesk Inventory Tool is an inventory application that can discover and inventory Windows devices without the need to deploy an agent to each endpoint.  AIT can operate in the following modes:

  • Agentless inventory application with ad hoc scans run from the Windows user interface
  • Agentless inventory application that is scripted and runs on a defined schedule
  • Network scanner that is executed from the logon or startup script
  • A standalone scanner that is run from removable media, such as a USB memory stick

Having multiple modes of operation, which can be used in combination, provides the flexibility to support most environments.

There are two main components of AIT:

  • The AIT Windows Client can be used to explore the collected inventory data, initiate ad hoc agentless inventory scans, and import data from additional data stores, such as logon script or standalone scans.
  • The AIT Console Application is the component that performs the discovery and inventory processes.

AIT can be used tactically to fill gaps in the results collected by other inventory solutions, such as  Microsoft System Center, to collect Autodesk license data for Windows environments.

The data collected by AIT can be exported to XLSX and consumed as needed in other applications.

To better understand what deployment options are best for your company, please review the questions here!