USB Drive Method

For devices that are not connected to the network or where security prevents network access, AIT can be copied onto a USB memory stick and be plugged directly into the device where a local scan can be performed.  

This requires that Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 or later is installed on each device that will run AIT.

  1. Download and Install AIT on your machine.
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Autodesk Inventory Tool\ .
  3. Insert a properly formatted USB memory stick into the system and copy the files from the Autodesk Inventory Tool folder and Paste files into AIT Folder to the USB memory stick.
  4. Create a folder called Data in the USB memory stick
  1. Browse to the AIT folder in your USB memory stick and open AIT.exe.config file using Notepad
  1. Locate "PerComputerDataStore" and change "False" to "True"
  1. Locate “DataStorePath” and change “Default” to %~0\..\Data\ and save
  1. Download AIT_USB.cmd file and place it in the USB memory stick.
  1. In each machine where you want to take the inventory, double click on AIT_USB.cmd file.
  2. Scanning is considered complete when the command prompt window disappears.

All scan results will be stored in the Data folder on your USB memory stick. Contained in this folder are two files (for each machine) with the same name, .xml and .MD5

  1. Once all machines have been scanned, Import scan results into AIT and Export it to Excel format.
  2. Send exported "AutodeskProducts.xlsx" file to your Autodesk representative